4. Handwrite Notes

Writing Tools
A pen and highlighter is readily available from the Write mode. Just tap on either the pen tool  or highlighter tool  to use it.

Change pen/ highlighter tip size
Long press on either the pen or highlighter tool to change its tip size.

Change pen/ highlighter colors
You can choose from the default color palette or tap on the small arrow icon beside it to view more colors. 

To customize, just long press on a color to view the color palette generator.


Erase Notes
Remove handwritten notes by tapping on the eraser tool .

Wrist Protection
Whink allows you to rest your wrist on the screen while taking notes without making any unnecessary marks on the screen, through the wrist protection feature. 

Located at the left bottom corner of the screen, tap and long press to enable the wrist protection tool and adjust your wrist’s resting area accordingly. 

Note: Write protection is only available on Write mode. Switch first to Write mode by swiping the toolbar.


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