7. Enhance your notes

Add Shapes/ Audio Recordings
Only Premium users can add shapes or audio recordings. Upgrade by tapping on the Shapes tool   /the  Audio tool either on the Write or Type mode toolbar. Or, by tapping on the 'Get Premium Tools' within the gear icon on the main shelf of the app.

If you've already upgraded, you won't see the lock icon on the Shapes or Audio tools anymore. 

Click here for more info on our Premium Tools.

Add Photo
There are 2 ways to add a photo:

  • Switch first to Write or Type mode by swiping the toolbar then tap the + sign  then tap on the Photo tool  to add a photo to your notes.

  • Long press on any page until you see the photo tool then tap it to add a photo.

Modify a Photo
You can resize, move and delete a photo by doing the following:
  • To resize a photo, long press on it then adjust its size by long tapping on its endpoints.

  • To move a photo anywhere in the document, just long press and drag it anywhere on a page.

  • To copy/ cut a photo, long press on the photo again and select the said options. 

    Tap on an empty page then long press until the paste tool appears then tap on it.

  • To delete, just long press and tap on delete.

Text wrap
Text wrap allows you to type around an inserted photo. Long press on a photo then tap on Enable Text Wrap if you want to type around a photo.

To disable it, long press on an image then select Disable Text Wrap. Typewritten texts will hidden under the photo once you've disabled text wrap.

Add a Post-it
To add a post-it, you can do the following:
  • Switch first to either the Write or Type mode by swiping the toolbar. Tap on the + tool then select the post-it tool. 

  • Long press on any page until you see the post-it tool. 

Modify a Post-it
Long pressing on a post-it gives you a number of options to modify it, such as:
  • Moving and dragging it anywhere on the page
  • Changing the post-its' color
  • Copy-pasting/ Deleting
  • Editing the post-its' contents.

Text Wrap
Enabling text wrap allows you to type around the post-it. To disable it, just long press on the post-it until you see the "Disable Text Wrap."

Adding a Tag
A tag allows you to label your notes for easy searching. 
For example, you've tagged several notes as "meeting." To quickly find those notes, you can just search for it using the tag "meeting."

To add a tag, do the following:

1. Switch first to either Write or Type mode
2. Tap on the + tool   then hit the tag tool.  Type in your desired tag. 
You can also just long press on the page to add a tag.

Modifying a Tag
To edit a tag, just long press on it until you see the options Copy/ Cut/ Delete/ Edit.
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