Editing your notes

Copy-paste a handwritten note
Use the lasso tool to copy-paste handwritten notes on a document.

  1. Tap on the lasso tool and select your notes.
  2. Hit “copy”.
  3. Tap on an empty space and adjust the copied notes before pasting.

Modifying a typed note
To edit a typed note, just tap and select it to see the following options:

  • Copy-paste: The Type mode acts like a word processor (eg. Microsoft Word) so copy-pasting will be similar to the latter. Just tap and select the typewritten notes for copy-pasting and deleting.
  • Format typed notes: You can choose to make the fonts bold, italic or add an underline by just tapping and selecting the typed note.

Highlight a handwritten note
Tap on the highlighter tool to use it for marking your notes.

Highlight a typed note
Tap on T icon on the toolbar first, double tap on page to go into typing mode, select the typed note then tap on the text highlighter tool.

Change the highlighter color
To change your highlighter's color, do the following:

  • Just long tap on the text highlighter tool to view more colors.
  • Tap on the small arrow icon to check more palettes.
  • To customize colors, long tap on one of the four available colors to see the color palette generator.

To cancel or reverse the last action you've done, just tap on the undo tool at the left top part of the screen.

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