7. Navigate Pages/ Documents

Search Notes

You can search for a note on a document by tapping on the thumbnail overview tool  , located at the left bottom corner of the screen. A page thumbnail will be provided, making it easy to search for your notes.

To search for typewritten notes, tags and photos/ audio recordings with labels, just swipe to Read mode  then tap on the search toolbar.

Jump To
Jump To enables you to quickly view and select sections or attachments you’ve added to your document. To use it, just switch first to Read mode by swiping the toolbar then tap the Jump To tool.

You'll be able to see all the enhancements you've added to your notes, such as audio recordings, photos, tags and post-its. You can quickly jump and view those enhancements and their related notes by just tapping them on the Jump To screen.

View Document Screen
To view all your documents or go back to the page screen, just tap anywhere on the page then tap on the Grid tool  located at the top left corner of the toolbar.

Search for a document
To look for a document, do the following:

  • You can scroll down and up easily on the document screen to look for a document.
  • You can also opt to drag down the document screen for a bit until you see the Search toolbar. Type in a keyword to search for it.

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