8. Organize Notes in a Document

Adding Pages There are 2 ways to add a new page to your documents:
  • Tap anywhere on the page until you see the toolbar then hit the Add tool  located at top right side of the screen and select   from the toolbar.
  • Tap on the thumbnail overview tool at the bottom left of the screen  then tap on Add Page toolto add a page.

Add Sections
Add sections to your document to classify notes that are under different topics. Tap anywhere on the page until you see the toolbar then tap on the Add tool  and select  from the toolbar.

Arranging Pages
You can organize pages by doing the following:
  • Tap on the document overview tool on the left bottom side of the screen  then select and drag page and rearrange it accordingly.

  • Duplicate a page from the document overview tool. Double tap on a selected page then choose Duplicate Page.

  • Delete a page by double tapping on it and selecting Delete Page.
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